The Fun And Excitment Of Playing Powerball

Powerball 1

Hello there! Are you feeling lucky today? Do you want to test your luck out? How about you play a game like lottery. Powerball, is one of the most popular lottery games out there. if you are willing to be a bit daring you should play it! However there might be some facts you want to know before you play. The more knowledge you have the better chance you will have of winning a game! When you win a game there is the money! Nothing can be wrong with that right? Think of everything you can do when you have a nice sum of cash on hand.

How did this game start? it started in the year of 1988 in February. It officially became popular starting in April of 1992. It was played in states that did not offer the MegaMillions lottery game.Starting in 2009 the states were allowed to sell both games if they decided to do so. The game is drawn twice a week and the drawing usually occurs in Universal Studios, Florida. That sounds like a cool idea right? Win a nice lotto game and take a lovely Florida vacation. Nothing can be bad after a nice Florida vacation! Wednesday and Saturday are the days of the week that the game is drawn on.

Powerball is currently played throughout 45 states in the United States. It is considered to be responsible for producing the second largest jackpot in a lottery game. The amount was $587.5 million. Now that is a big number! How does a player win a jackpot on this lottery game? Players have to match five numbers from a possible 59 that can be chosen. Then they have to match one final number, which is considered the game winner, from a second batch of numbers that go from 1 to 35. That seems pretty simple to do right? A lot of people are still trying today!

When a drawing occurs on this lottery game there is minimum jackpot of at least $40 million. However there is no rollover cap. What does that mean? That means that if no player claims the winning numbers on a draw the jackpot will roll on to the next game. The jackpot prize builds up quite quickly as a result. That $40 million can easily turn into $500 million very quickly! The bigger the prize the gets the more excitement the game stirs. Think of it as the same feeling of finding a Wonka golden ticket in your candy bar! That is quite the feeling to have!

If you happen to win a lottery game like this you might wonder on how the prize is paid it. it can be done in two ways. They can either take it as a lump sum payment or they can have it as an annuity payment over a 30 year period.

So take a chance today and play a lottery game. Who knows? You might find yourself to be the next lucky winner! Think of what you will do with all that money! The possibilities are endless. So what are you waiting for? Play a game today and win yourself some nice money!