How to Increase Your Chances Of Winning Powerball


Of all the most popular lotteries across North America, Powerball is the best. The Powerball lottery jackpots are now bigger, with the minimum having been raised from $20 million to $40 million. The second prize rose to $1 million from $200,000, usually won through matching, in any order, five white balls.

The current record of the largest lotto jackpot as at 2013, May, is $590.5 million from the previous 2012 jackpot of $587.5 million, won by one single ticket in Florida’s Zephyrhills. In fact, the Power ball lottery holds the record of a single ticket jackpot winning, including the second largest ever global jackpot, with the largest being 2012’s $656 million from Mega Millions. As the playing of the game continues and there is no winner in sight, the jackpot increases until there is a jackpot winner. Every Saturday and Wednesday night has five white balls drawn from a 59 ball drum, with a single red Powerball taken from a 39 ball drum, making up the winning combination.

Before you play the lottery, know whether your state is covered by Powerball, since the jackpot is only accessible to certain states. You will definitely find these states online or even in local sources and there is no need of trying your hand in the jackpot if your state is not covered. However, most states are are now covered and you should have no problem finding a ticket. Winning the big one in your state entails a huge number of strategies and a hefty dose of lady luck. In most cases, players engage basic lottery behaviors and tips that give them some relief during the selection of numbers randomly.

Hundreds of jackpot wins have been won by segments of people who have pooled their own funds. The reason is that sharing the cost of the ticket with other like minded people stretches the Lotto budget. Pooling means you will afford buying more tickets for the lottery and thus play bigger wheeling systems more than you could if you were alone. However, if you agree to pool, always have an agreement and each member of the pool must sign on it.

Cashing on others luck
A Lotto pool means that the group has also pooled its collective good tidings or luck. In fact, you could access a jackpot just by the luck of a single individual in your pool. This means you have to select the members or your partners carefully. It is better to avoid sharing your lack with losers while avoiding negative people who will dampen your enthusiasm and drain the energy of the entire pool.

Avoid some lotto numbers to save money
Powerball lottery players who choose their numbers without giving it a thought have lost even before the draw has taken place. Know the number patterns and combinations to have an advantage over people who play the lottery thoughtlessly and you will save money as well.

As you avoid wagering on five consecutive numbers, you should also shun combinations of numbers that have been drawn previously. Avoid betting the same numbers that won others a handsome jackpot expecting the same.

While luck might play a huge part of the Powerball lottery, playing smart is everything.